Chesed of South Florida provides a lengthy list of services. These include everything from job assistance to family crisis management. Probably the greatest service is the matching the needs of those in distress situations to the agencies that can render direct aid and assistance. Just knowing who has the resources and specialty to address situations is beneficial to those in need. While Chesed of South Florida will position itself to be a long term assistance provider in some areas and a crisis solver in others it will assist in placing the needy in programs that provide long term solutions to their circumstances.

A partial list of provided services includes:
Resume writing
Job search assistance
Family crisis intervention
Emergency utility account management
Emergency food resources
Referral to donated medical services

And other humanitarian services.

Chesed of South Florida is not in competition or designed to replace existing charitable and social welfare agencies. It is an agency that will fill the gap between the crisis and the long term solution for all Jews in need.