About Us

Chesed of South Florida Inc. provides either directly or indirectly, services to individuals and families facing hardships due to a crisis in their lives. These hardships span the gamut of human needs: food, housing, jobs, bill pay, medical attention, even companionship. Whatever the crisis, Chesed will provide assistance to ameliorate the situation.

Chesed provides funds for basic utilities and food in a crisis environment Only, Chesed offers assistance in dire housing situations which require financing or skillful negotiation, as well as resume writing and assistance with job placement. In the field of family crisis intervention, Chesed works to arrange for skilled counselors to be available on an emergency / temporary basis, or if appropriate, guides a victim to a temporary, safe environment.

Our energy is directed outward, actively seeking clients. By reaching out to the Rabbis and numerous persons – professionals in Jewish organizations, Chesed is actively spreading the word, informing key people of our goals and capabilities who in turn will share the information with the general public. This will create a source of continued support for the congregation at large.

Chesed continually updates its database of available resources of networks or service providers who wish to assist in handling specific crisis situations. Chesed cherishes the alliances created with businesses that generously provide myriad goods and services to the community. Our database includes donors with whom we can inform of Cheseds successes and credit them for their particular contribution.

Our Mission

To provide emergency assistance to individuals and families living in Florida who are facing a financial, family, marital or medical crisis, and require immediate stability and relief from distress by providing them with food, financial help, job placement, assistance, support for seniors and disabled adults and children, and referrals to resources that best fit the specific needs of the people we serve, while at the same time helping them maintain their sense of dignity and independence.

Board Members

Executive Board

  • Yona S, Lunger
    Founder/Executive Director
  • David Kavalin
    Assistant Director
  • Rabbi Yaakov Rabinowitz
    Assistant Director
  • Miriam Grunhouse
    Assistant Director

Advisory Board

  • Rabbi Yisreol M, Janowski
    Miami Beach
  • Rabbi Fred Klein
  • Rabbi Edward Davis
    Young Israel of Hollywood
  • Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
    Boca Raton Synagogue
  • Honorable Judge Don S. Cohn
  • Honorable Judge Samantha Ruiz Cohen
  • Sara Shulevitz Esq.
  • Jason E. Neufeld Esq.
  • Bridget Keating
    MDFD I.A.F.F.
  • Dr. Nes Saddler
  • Joshua Herschberg
  • Alan Berger
  • Hilda Alverez Weisz

Financial Objectives

The objective of the organization is to seek funding from donors in amounts which are reasonable and affordable to them so that they can afford to contribute on a monthly basis.

Although major donations are always welcome, it is our feeling that smaller donations on a consistent basis will sustain Cheseds operations for the long run, as operating expenses are relatively fixed and not very high.

Additionally, Chesed will apply for grants from various sources. Chesed welcomes volunteers, both short and long term. If a regular volunteer shift does not fit into your schedule, you can still help out by volunteering at one of our special events, or for as many shifts as comfortably fits into your schedule.