The Hebrew word Chesed (חסד) is the root word upon which the name Hasidism is based. Chesed (“Kindness”) is the fourth Sephirah on the tree of life in the Kabbalah of Judaism. It is given the association of kindness and love, and is the first of the emotive attributes of the Sephirot.

Our mission is to provide emergency assistance to individuals and families living in South Florida who are facing family, marital or medical crisis, and require immediate stability and relief from distress by providing them with much needed help. Our services include: food, job placement,  support for seniors, disabled adults & children, referrals to resources that best fit the specific needs of the people we serve, while at the same time helping them maintain their sense of dignity and independence.

The Chai Chesed Club was created to become the life-line of our organization. It is where the funds of our organization are raised and secured. It is the guarantee of endurance and continuity. The Chai Chesed Club is made up of members who commit to One year of Monthly donations, which they can absorb into their Monthly budget of bills. It is not about large gifts; rather only about consistent gifts. One chooses in increments of Chai ($18) which monthly donation they can commit to, for the period of One year. The Chai Chesed Club is committed to grow the financial nest needed to secure the Monthly bills of necessity & of the needy.

Your tax deductible gift can be dedicated in memory of, or towards the health of a loved one, and will allow someone in need to make a blessing in their honor.
Become a member of the Chai Chesed Club today.