Economic Times

The Economic times are hard upon all of us. I am sure you are very aware of the challenges our fellows are facing locally and all over. I know you are hearing the stories of people trying to make payments on their houses, pay for food and FPL and clothing, and finding a job. These things are happening to people that we know. They may be the students or congregants where we davin or your friends. I am sure each of you in your own way does everything possible to help a fellow Jew in need. We never want to say no to any one Jew or any one in need. Lo Tikpotz et Yadcha MAcheecha Ha-Evyon- Do not close your hand from your brethren, suffering from poverty.
(Deut. 15:7).

Charitable donations have become difficult to give. So many depend upon the service we provide. We need your help now!

Our sages teaches us that the Western Wall stands tall and available because it was built by people of smaller means, who donated just what they could.
Endurance and continuity is created by people who give smaller gifts consistently.

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